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how to write a resume in 2022

How to Write a Resume in 2022

How to write a resume in 2022 And why. By Jacquie Liversidge Each year, the focus becomes more and more on brevity in both written applications and resumes. Watch as requirements slide down from a covering letter to a 600 pitch statement, from 2 page statements for most government roles to one page or less, and requirements for resumes to be vaguely ‘concise’. Writing resumes for 2022 and your success in writing them is going to hinge on your ability to meet the…


The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation And how employer expectations and obfuscation fails to attract the right candidates. By Joel Smith The Great Resignation: What is it? The great resignation, or the big quit, is a colloquial term. It refers to a large scale resignation of workers around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is ongoing. Economists, political commentators, social media influencers, and journalists have had a field day writing about the topic. A few key themes have emerged. Remember to follow us for resume…


Semantics of Management versus Leadership

Cutting through the corporate jargon: Management versus Leadership By Callie Buchwald Table of Contents The Problem with Corporate Jargon Understanding and using corporate jargon in our professional lives can be difficult. We are bombarded with similar expressions, repeated with slight variations, or substituted for synonyms. Often the differences between corporate jargon are semantic. It's normal to find them confusing. Human Resources and our employers might encourage us to think outside the box, to utilise best practice, or to represent corporate values. ‘Management’ and…


2021 Resume Writing Tips

2021 Resume Writing Tips Tips for writing your resume in 2021 By Joel Smith Resume writing tips for your 2021 resume Resume trends change over time. Maybe a little less than you would think, but there are still trends. In this article, we’ve outlined some quick tips for those of you sitting down right now to write your resume. These are the essential tips that apply to every resume, from a graduate level resume through to CEO level. All the resumes we write…


Why Resumes Are So Hard To Write

Why resumes are so hard to write And why they won't be getting any easier By Jacquie Liversidge The major challenge faced by job hunters presently is not a scarcity of jobs. In fact, the job market at the present time is not experiencing any shortage of jobs. But it does feel that way. Applicants are applying and not hearing back, and employers are complaining of a skills shortage and low numbers of quality applications for roles across the gamut of industries. The…

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Font and Your Resume

Resumes: Font and Function Revive your outdated resume with these tips on font, formatting, and grammar. By Chris Belbin Looking at an ugly resume?Read on for advice on fonts, grammar, and style, and breathe some vita into your curriculum vitae. Get a quote from us A word on fonts Everybody loves fontsOr is that just me? Either way, they are important. So which ones will work for your resume and which should be saved for kindergarten newsletters? I’m looking at you, Comic Sans.Luckily, there…

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The Coronavirus and your Confidence

Coronavirus and your confidence In a world where wages equal worth. COVID JOBS By Jacquie Liversidge From a government mandated distance, I just spoke to the woman serving me at the grocery store who explained that she was new to the role at Coles. Congratulations, I said, with real enthusiasm. She explained that she had been looking for a job for months. She got a job in our regional municipality. A job selected for praise by our highest ministers in the last week.How…


Demonstrating your worth: Selling yourself in your resume

How to sell yourself in your resume By demonstrating your worth. By Jacquie Liversidge How to really sell yourself in your resume Getting a job is just about putting together a resume that just sells yourself, right? Skills and all that? Not quite. Absolutely fundamental to getting work anywhere is demonstrating your worth to the organisation. Let’s break that down. The business you are applying to is likely just that—a business. Unless it’s a government tribunal or administrative service, the place you are…

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Cover letter and resume: How are they different?

Cover letter and resume: How are they different? It seems straight forward, right? By Jacquie Liversidge Aside from the obvious fact that a covering letter addresses the employer and the resume presents an overview, a key difference that people tend to miss in their approach to cover letters and resumes is a difference that has it’s roots in professional writing.When deciding on the primary purpose for business communications, there are only two options that need to be considered; informing, or influencing.Informing means just that. In fact,…