Is Hiring a Resume Writer Cheating?

Is hiring a resume writer cheating?

Won’t the employer notice, or be unhappy?

Jacquie Liversidge

By Jacquie Liversidge

Oh, heavens—no.

Most politicians have their books ghost-written by copywriters.

Most businesses pay marketing professionals to get their products sold.

… Think that PM Scott Morrison writes his own speeches? (He doesn’t. Also, someone please fire his speech writer.)

When a business makes a decision to hire you on the basis of a resume that has been professionally worked on, they’re also hiring an important decision you have made: you have decided to invest in yourself by employing a professional in the field better at resume writing than you.

I have never received a single piece of poor feedback from employers when I mention that I am a professional resume writer. Generally, I receive something along the lines of “WOW. I’d never thought of that when I go through resumes”, or “if my candidate paid, hell, that’s a whole lot more effort than the generic cover letters I’m getting normally”.

What it all really comes down to is the amount of effort that has gone into the application that they are reading. That is what is really going to impress the employer. In order for you to even work with a professional resume writer, you need to provide us with the right information. We have never met a client who couldn’t do that.

You have decided to invest in yourself by employing a professional in the field better at resume writing than you.

And that’s all you’ve got to provide the employer with.

Fancy formatting? No one asks about that anymore. The internet, Microsoft Office Word and other generators easily produce fancy looking resumes which have long put that question to rest.

Absolutely nothing is harmed by optimising your chances, and there is everything to gain.

Advertising the fact that you have had your resume professionally worked on from the outset is however, a poor idea. Keep that one close to your chest, at least until you have the job. I am hard stretched to think of an employer who is going frown on initiative like getting your resume professionally worked on, but in those first interactions with the employer you should claim all of the glory of your stand-out documents.

Ever wondered whether paying for a professional resume writer is cheating?

Let us know your thoughts!

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