Build your package here

The 'Why' of it:

Most people will need a quote. Our quote system works brilliantly because we are able to assess your documents, provide you with an idea of what we would do and then build your package based on your request.

Our packages below work essentially the same, but we just don’t have that initial interaction following the submission of the quote form. 

Basically, if you want to start right now without waiting for a response and you know exactly what you want, the packages are for you.

The 'How' of it:

  1. There are three main categories. We have built these based on the three main types of people who come to us, with three separate and unique needs. These are graduates, those in their middle career (technical, non-technical, supervisors, managers, and everything in between), and executives. The packages are named ‘Graduate Gunner’, ‘Corporate Climber’, and the ‘Executive Suite’. 
  2. Our packages are based on what we regularly offer, or what is regularly requested from these three main types of people.
  3. Select your category, and build your package.
  4. Make sure you enter the discount code— where we have more than one request, we save time on the other and we want to pass that time back on to you. The discount isn’t going anywhere, but you still need to manually enter it.
  5. Submit your name and email into the form. 
  6. Complete payment.
  7. Email us with any attachments you think we might need.
  8. Book the first 15 minute chat via the link which will be emailed to you immediately after submission.
Maybe it’s kicking it old school, but a conversation is important. We want to talk to you rather than put you to work in writing a lengthy email to us. We can have a quick discussion about next steps, gather our resources and begin working with you from that.