Why SEEK sucks

Why SEEK kind of sucks

And it’s the preferred job board for professional roles.

Jacquie Liversidge

By Jacquie Liversidge

Most of us have never had to upload a job to SEEK, so most of us get to avoid the frustration that is one of the preferred online job board for employers.

SEEK is a little bit narrow in the parameters that you are allowed to work with. So jobs that might actually permit lots of flexibility in location and hours don’t generally tend to list this as accurately.

Recently, I called a transcribing company to inquire about the rate of pay and flexibility. The job was listed on SEEK as either part-time or full-time and specified a local location. I assumed that given the nature of the work some flexibility could be afforded for the correct candidate, and after speaking to HR I was advised that actually the role was contract work—so neither part-time or full-time —and entirely from home, including the training.

“She mentioned that SEEK didn’t allow her to list the job without a specific location or as contract.”

 This subsequently gave the role an entirely different impression.

The role is completely suitable for mothers and people with a disability, but the SEEK input fields would deter these applicants.

When I see part-time, I think: 25 hours per week, no casual loading, and I am immediately deterred.

And this actually happens all the time with loads of roles that candidates are overlooking because they don’t initially appear suitable.

There’s really not any other way that you can get around it, either. Except: if you identify with the skills, experience and pay rate—give them a call! You never know.

Jobs are not as elusive as we tend to think when we’re mid-hunt and at the mercy of the market.

Whilst you’re having a hard time finding a job that’s suitable for you, employers are also having a hard job finding a candidate with all the skills they need, too. And if you’re it, there’s a good a chance that you’ll be able to negotiate for the right conditions anyway.

So, remember to take the SEEK details with a grain of salt, and give the employer a call about the job.

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  1. LexGear

    I’m so sick of setting a search location, only to have SEEK suggest something 2 hours away.

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