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If your resume does not effectively communicate your unique value, it does not communicate your achievements, it does not best leverage the first page of your application and it doe not control the narrative, then you don’t have the best resume.

Employers spend less than 10 seconds considering your application. We produce resumes which are industry specific, contemporary, targeted and written wholly in consultation with you.

If you are looking for a quick resume writing service that acquires surface level information from you with forms and email only service, then we are not your service.

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Selection criteria writing for the ACT Government and Australian Public Service

WE WIN aps and act government jobs

One of Canberra’s claims to fame, outside of Walter Burley Griffin, is as the Australian city with the highest number of public servants.

Canberra hosts around 40% of all Commonwealth employees. While government jobs are plentiful, so is competition.

The ACT Government employ a no-nonsense approach to selection criteria writing. By and large, directions are to respond within 300 words to set selection criteria or within a 2 – 3 page limit.

The Australian Public Service differ widely between department. Whilst we observe the APS Work Levels in all of our responses, the game changes for each role. Our responses are targeted, in consultation with you and in alignment with the work level capability you are aiming for. 

Content oriented.

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How we write for different levels

It's why our applications do well

We use an expert understanding of the Australian Capital Territory Public Service (ACTPS) shared capability framework for ACT Government jobs in our approach to applications. For Commonwealth roles, we work within the parameters of the APS Work Levels for APS 1 – 6 and EL1 – SES Band 3 in the context of the challenges of the role. This is an important element to factor in your approach, because the examples you should select should reflect the level you are applying for. 

We observe the STAR structure to responses as is best practice. 

But where we stand out from the crowd is in our total commitment to research. Your documents are accurate, researched and targeted, and we get to know your skill set before we get to the writing.

Leadership? We want to know about your commercial outcomes, continuous improvement initiatives, staff culture, budget management, and a whole other raft of capabilities.

Customer service? We want to know what defines your approach, how you manage priorities, how you turned an opportunity into a commercial outcome.

It is all about you.

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