Professional Resume and Selection Criteria Writing Service - Canberra and the ACT

old parliament house Canberra

One of Canberra's claims to fame, outside of Walter Burley Griffin, is as the Australian city with the highest number of public servants.

Canberra is home to 38% of Australia’s public servants, the the public service accounting for 42% of all positions in the ACT. 

Lucrative pay, flexible working arrangements and great opportunities make the public service an obvious choice for Canberrans.

That doesn’t make the application process any easier however.

Get ahead of the game.

Our resume and selection criteria writing service enables internal applicants to reach the next Australian Public Service (APS) level, and external candidates to cut in above the competition.

And we’ve got some great tips to help you there if you’re a first timer.

Brilliantly formatted resumes and selection criteria documents that hold up against your competition. 

Clean, crisp and with the main emphasis on strong content. We don’t give recruitment the opportunity to say no.

Our average increase to our client's wages is $15K

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