Interview Preparation

Refresh your interview your skills and run through scenarios specific to your role.

Get the run down on behavioural interview responses.


Behavioural interview responses - It's your approach that gets you hired. Demonstrate it.

Similar to the approach to selection criteria, simply listing off your experience is not going to cut the mustard when it comes to interview.

You need to be able to demonstrate your approach, your judgement and your skills through relevant examples.

Frequently, applicants encounter enormous difficulties when it comes to the actual interview. The tendancy to list, rather than demonstrate, takes over when the nerve kicks in.

Listing is incredibly difficult to phrase properly when in the interview. “I have worked with a lot of clients from different backgrounds, used a lot of different systems, used Microsoft Word alot…”, you can see how difficult it is here to close off that sentence.

It is much better to mention the role, the title, give some information regarding the context and challenges, and to demonstrate your approach which has led to a good to a result. 

It can take some practice.


Book in a time to have chat. We’ll research the position and pose questions to you designed to assess your interview chops.

We’ll then provide you with feedback on your interview responses and give you a write up of how to improve and where your repetitive weaknesses were.

Professional development is never comfortable.

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Our team are actors, musicians, employment consultants and have a diverse range of skill sets from a varied background of careers. 

We know how to tailor your interview preparation to the industry that you will be interviewing for and can provide you with invaluable information that you can take throughout your career.

How it works

Get in contact, or fill out the quote form.

Get in touch and let us know what you need. We do all our quotes on an individual basis to ensure you get the right bang for your buck.

Let's have a chat.

We book in a time over the phone to go over the details of your requirements and gather any further information.

We get to work.

In the writing stage we will ask you any questions we need as we go either through email or over the phone.

2-5 business days.

It’s a creative process– we can take our time if we feel it will benefit the application. 

We send our documents to you via email.

You’ll receive your drafts in Word and PDF formats with a comprehensive justification of our approach where needed.

14 day unlimited revisions on drafts.

Let us know what needs changing once you receive the drafts.

Let us know when you land the job.

This is our favourite part of the whole process. Stay in touch with us during your job hunt, we want to know how you go.

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