IT Resumes, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria

Service Desk Analysts, Web Developers, Software Engineers, ICT Officers, Project Managers and everything in between.

IT resumes require their own specific approach.

If you’re worried that a resume writer might not know the difference between front-end and back-end web development, you can stop searching for your writer now that you’ve found us.

How We Write IT Applications

IT roles have become highly specialised, while still retaining a high level of competition within each field. We develop IT resumes strategically in response to the trends within the industry, with a key focus on balancing technical and soft skills, achievements, and key outcomes to demonstrate value.

With a breadth of experience within the sector, we have the resources to develop tailored skills profiles outlining OS, Languages, Databases and Applications to enable the employer to see quickly what your capabilities are. We gear these sections dependent on your field, using targeted questions to ensure that we’ve covered all bases.

Important, and frequently not included, is the extensive list of professional development that you have undertaken. User-centred design is a great IT specific skill– and underpins our development to your resume, as well.

An employer wants to ensure that you will be able to direct a project while aligning it with business goals and objectives. You’ll be required to meet project milestones, objectives and deliverables within agreed timeframes and budgets so examples which demonstrate project lifecycle delivery will be our key focus to help you stand out as the ideal candidate.

We want to highlight the methodologies you use whether they are Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, Prince2, Six Sigma or PMBOK, as well as any technical skills relevant to the position using content hierarchy principles to deliver key information to the reader.

For Developers, we want to demonstrate your technical knowledge and your ability to align development efforts with the strategic direction and desired outcomes of the organisation. Any examples that demonstrate your understanding of the software development lifecycle and ability to work independently and within multidisciplinary project teams will be highly valuable.

We also want to highlight which languages you know and your proficiency with each, and your exposure to front-end, back-end, and full-stack development by building a detailed profile of your technical skills.

In addition to a key skills snapshot where you detail your exposure to systems, networking, vitualisation, servers, or other infrastructure required by the role, we want to ensure your potential employer gains insight into your ability to liaise with vendors, suppliers, and clients.


For project-based roles, we want to provide examples to demonstrate your experience accounting for business requirements and capacity demands, while facilitating projects to be delivered on time, within budget and are in line with the internal methodology.

While technical IT skills will be a key part of this role, how we can differentiate you from other candidates is by demonstrating your exemplary customer service, teamwork, and process improvement contributions.

We want to build your resume and cover letter into a tailored application which demonstrate the value you offer by details your key selling points, achievements, and experience.

IT Selection Criteria

Our approach to selection criteria is a standard structure applicable to all selection criteria: Situation, Task, Approach, Result, best known as STAR.

Questions to start asking yourself are:

  • What has been your project involvement?
  • What are all the technical skills you have?
  • What are your certifications?
  • What was your most technically challenging issue?
  • Who are the major stakeholders/end-users?
  • What process improvements have you introduced?

IT is the best industry to be in at this time.

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