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How We Write Cover Letters

Cover letters are required unless the position description states not to attach one. The importance of a good cover letter cannot be overstated; while your resume lists, your cover letter, or pitch, explains.

If you are trying to transitioning careers or industries, a good cover letter that makes sense of your transferable skills is the difference between making the move and staying right where you are.

For any role, a cover letter is your chance to prove that you’ve considered yourself within that organisation, you have an understanding of their challenges, 

We work off your resume initially (either your existing resume, or the one we write), getting a feel for what an employer is going to gather from their initial look at your resume and we write the cover letter to match your resume.

If you want a generic cover letter for multi-use and one that you only have to make minor changes to for each new application, we gear it towards a specific industry and highlight your transferable or relevant skills, attributes, qualifications and experience.

We also take the time with you to let you know how to dial your cover letter up and down, where the key impact points are, and how to manage your applications without wasting your own time reinventing the wheel for each role.

A good cover letter will be the difference between the career you are in, and the career you want to be in.

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