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We are Hobart's only face to face resume service.

Our home town!

Hobart is a tiny capital city. Recent massive increases to tourism, high demand vs. low supply for rentals and stagnated wages mean that the best jobs are very, very competitive here.

Hobart is haunted by something known in the industry as the 'hidden job market'. A lot of private jobs go to people known through connections for this reason, and it can make it hard to make an impression as a newcomer to the city.

With a highly developed understanding of the nuances and requirements of the Tasmanian Government our resume, cover letter and selection criteria writing service is highly effective in getting our clients through to interview stage.

Due to Hobart’s regional status, migrants with regional-location visa requirements generally flock to Hobart. This compounds the small flooded market, contributes to an oversupply of skilled workers and means that getting noticed is that much harder.

We are the premier provider of resumes and selection criteria in Hobart.


Professional, custom-made to suit you

It’s really easy to look generic.

We commit to delivering outstanding resume and selection criteria material that will get your foot in the door. 

We know the Work Level Capabilities, we know the trends and we stay up to date with resume and selection criteria news.

Meets the public service application requirements and private sector trends.

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