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How We Write Nursing Resumes and Selection Criteria

Nursing resumes, particularly where they pertain to the clinical environment, require a particular approach.

Questions your nursing resume writer will pertain to your level, your experience, and your aims. Expect this to be highly centred on communication, patient-centred care, mult-disciplinary callaboration, clincal expertise, and continuous improvement.

We’ve written about how we navigate these levels below.

For enrolled nurses, or ENs, we want to ensure that what we are getting across are your clinical skills, your understanding of your scope of practice, and how have you contributed to the effective management of a patient as part of the multi-disciplinary team.

These underpin the questions your nurse resume writer would ask you in the development of your resume.

For registered nurses, or RNs, you play a key role in the management of patient care. We need to speak to the clinical areas you have worked in, specific clinical skills that you possess, your consulting and coordinating skills, your role in educating patients and family members, and your role in the patient journey. Your specific value might be in your areas of expertise, any continuous improvement initiatives you have run, your patient advocacy, and what specific approach you take in managing and dealing with patients.

For registered nursing resumes, these are the pillars we want the content to be built from, and are likely to be what the nursing selection criteria is formed from.

As a Clinical Nurse Manager, or CNM, you provide key leadership, guidance, mentoring and support to a nursing team. You manage budgets, human resources, you develop and retain your staff, and you work alongside leadership to improve patient outcomes and lead change.

For this reason, your clinical skills and background are of course important, but your clinical nurse manager resume writer will be placing emphasis on change management, leadership, capability development, strategic improvements and how your role interacts with other healthcare leaders.

As a Clinical Nurse Consultant, you hold clinical oversight as a specialist. Your expertise provides advice to leadership, supports strategic direction, and offers improvement to services. You lead specialist assessments and interventions and contribute to the overall organisational culture.

Your clinical nurse consultant resume writer will be asking questions around these specific areas. Similarly, your selection criteria will need to speak to clinical expertise, and leadership capabilities.

As an Executive Nursing Leader, you hold broad, department-wide scope. You advocate for and lead initatives, interface with executive healthcare leadership, and navigate complex relationship management with government stakeholders. The decisions you make flow on to patient care, and are highly strategic, affect all-of-hospital operational matters and improve governance.

Your executive nursing resume writer will be focussing on these elements, and expect to see them underpin the selection criteria that accompanies your application for these roles.

Nursing Selection Criteria

We use Situation, Task, Approach and Result, best known as STAR to develop all our stories. The structure enables us to develop a concise story which addresses the entirety of the question.

We will ask you targeted questions relating to:

  • A particular time you introduced a quality improvement measure
  • A time you went over and above for a patient
  • How do you establish rapport with challenging clients?
  • How do you demonstrate an appreciation for diversity in your work?
  • What is the most challenging day you have had and why?
  • How do you prioritize in the clinical environment?

Supported by an excellent understanding of the ANWM Board requirements, the continuous improvement process, the Privacy Act 1988 and our love for responses based on research, we create highly effective selection criteria that gets attention from recruitment. 

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