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Patient centred care, continuous improvement initiatives, hygiene practices, the multidisciplinary environment, interpersonal skills.

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Our resumes include:

How We Write Nursing and Medical Resumes

Healthcare resumes, particularly where they pertain to the clinical environment, require a particular approach.

If you’re a graduate, have you outlined your certificates (hint: handwashing goes on there), your placements and areas, your interests and skills? Graduates face stiff competition for urban hospitals after graduating, and without a clear, detailed resume, you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

For healthcare resumes generally, we like to emphasise:

  • Your registrations
  • Your placements and former roles, including the areas you worked in
  • An adherence to the patient-centred care
  • Ability to contribute to quality improvement initiatives
  • Hygiene, PPE, safe disposal of sharps and understanding of correct procedures for fluids
  • Ability to work within a highly dynamic environment
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Developed communication skills
  • Working within a multi-disciplinary team
  • Professional development

We write our material with the context of the role at the forefront of our approach. And it works.

Nursing/Medical Selection Criteria

We use Situation, Task, Approach and Result, best known as STAR to develop all our stories. The structure enables us to develop a concise story which addresses the entirety of the question.

We will ask you targeted questions relating to:

  • A particular time you introduced a quality improvement measure
  • A time you went over and above for a patient
  • How do you establish rapport with challenging clients?
  • How do you demonstrate an appreciation for diversity in your work?
  • What is the most challenging day you have had and why?
  • How do you prioritize in the clinical environment?

Supported by an excellent understanding of the ANWM Board requirements, the continuous improvement process, the Privacy Act 1988 and our love for responses based on research, we create highly effective selection criteria that gets attention from recruitment. 

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