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The Resume Writers
The Resume Writers

Who are we?

We are one of only a handful of Australian creative agencies specifically focussed on resume, selection criteria and cover letter writing with an office you can walk in to.

Physically based solely in beautiful Hobart, The Resume Writers are a small, dedicated team of experts servicing clients nationwide. 

Our approach is underpinned by copywriting principles, and this is our major point of difference. The days of fact-based resumes are largely over; we write content which speaks to the needs of the audience and harnesses your unique selling propositions. We know that resumes are read on the screen, not handed over a counter and our considerations in resume writing are modern, relevant and informed by strategic copywriting principles in the construction of content.

We can operate entirely online, over the phone and face to face, allowing our clients to choose what works for them. This also affords us the ability to make fast edits, provide fast service, and to enable clients from regional and rural areas to receive our support without any compromise to the service.

If you’re in Hobart, you’re more than welcome to come in to the office on Elizabeth Street for a chat, or for elsewhere, just give us a call.

Jacqueline Liversidge

Managing Director

Managing Director
Jacquie Liversidge

Jacquie has had a varied career history ranging from classical music, performance, copywriting and employment services, and has important lived experience in career shapeshifting.

Having completed a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance on the flute, Jacquie was featured as an instrumentalist on composer Brian Wroten’s album Tasman, was the recipient of the 2012 Award for Best Contemporary Performance,  and ultimately graduated from the Conservatorium of Music with a High Distinction result in her graduating performance. 

After her degree, she pitched her previous experience as a performer and private teacher to gain work within the education sector in private training groups. 

She considers the training she learnt in the analysis and interpretation of the context, style, and approach required for classical pieces for performance to be directly relatable to the process The Resume Writers uses working with clients. Elicit, interpret, develop, test, perform and repeat.

A move into employment services followed where she consolidated her passion and talent for turning ideas into outcomes. Using finely honed writing skills from university and her innate creative flair, she achieved award-winning results for employment services in Tasmania before founding The Resume Writers.

Jacquie enjoys working directly with clients to develop strategic content that cuts through the noise and offering expert advice that empower her clients to take the next step.

Jacquie has delivered presentations for the Queensland University of Technology, Australian Computer Society, at expos, delivers outplacement solutions for private businesses, and takes great pride in working with Bethlehem House to empower people experiencing homelessness to gain employment.

Head of Engagement
Chloe McGinniss

Chloe is a creative at heart with a diverse background in hairdressing and research.

At Hobart’s leading hairdressing salon, Chloe held training roles and was persistently sought out by customers for her expertise and reputation. Her role involved some of the more complex hair undertakings and matching the kind of customer service associated with working at the state’s best hairdressing salons. She was the go-to for narrative and theme-building in the production of hairdressing award applications and brings her unique ability to understand a person’s narrative and journey to her current role.

At The Resume Writers, Chloe is your first point of call and lends her high-level ability to elicit information from our clients to determine the best suitable approach for their applications. As our Head of Engagement, Chloe uses her research background to determine complex application requirements, review your documentation, provide you with key actionable feedback on your current documentation and provide you with an understanding of what the process will look like working with our writers. As an inherently creative person and a natural wordsmith, The Resume Writers are very lucky to have Chloe.

When she’s not in the office, she’s working from home with her French Bulldog Elsie by her side. It’s a ruff gig.

Chloe McGinniss

Head of Engagement

Chris Belbin

Senior Careers Copywriter and Editor

Senior Careers Copywriter and Editor
Chris Belbin

After completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and philosophy, Chris went on to attain a Diploma in Applied Design. After completing the traditional rite of passage as a front of house staff member in some of the best waterfront bars and restaurants of Hobart, he now puts to good use his qualifications, creativity, and his highly developed client service skills.

With The Resume Writers, Chris specialises in delivering customised resumes, cover letters, and selection criteria responses across the whole spectrum of industries and levels, but with specific expertise in developing executive content.

He applies a uniquely human-centred design approach informed by his expertise in design married with his communications qualifications. He has lent his knowledge to The Resume Writers team by upskilling the organisation in design-thinking practices and leading the nation’s industry in best-practice design of resumes.

A weekend warrior on the stages of Hobart, Chris writes and performs in solos and ensembles with an experimental folk feel.

We hope he doesn’t make it big and leave us.

Careers Copywriter and Editor
Marc Cayzer

Flung across industries, Marc started as a researcher and analyst with Stenning and Associates, a national consultation service on regulatory reform and simplification of government regulatory activity, systems and processes. He will tell you he can’t paint or draw, but Marc is an inherent creative, a skilled musician, a wordsmith and a dessert-making master.

As a change manager, stakeholder engagement officer, trainer, service delivery leader, and project manager in his previous life, Marc wore a number of hats before beginning his apprenticeship in commercial cookery as a mature aged student in pursuit of a lifelong ambition.

Producing suites of complex written documentation and interpreting government is what Marc thrives at. He’s written just about everything from concise summaries for executive audiences, to business continuity planning documents, user guides, and training manuals. At The Resume Writers, he writes bespoke selection criteria, resumes, and cover letters for all levels of government and private sector.

As a qualified chef, Marc worked at the award-winning restaurant Frogmore Creek, just outside of Hobart in the renowned Coal River Valley. The desserts he designed and produced played a key role in earning Frogmore Creek a ‘hat’, becoming one of few Tasmanian venues in possession of the acclaimed status of hatted restaurant.

Marc combines his creative and strategic thinking at The Resume Writers to elicit from clients the key information he requires to shape a narrative that reflects and enhances their career chances, and brings a uniquely hospitality-styled dedication to his client service approach.

As an experienced career transition-er himself, he also brings a lived experience to transformative career transitions.

Marc Cayzer

Careers Copywriter and Editor

Eb Cassidy

Lead writer

Lead Writer
Eibhlinn 'Eb' Cassidy

Eb’s employment history is as colourful as their hair was during their youth.

Eb gets real results for their clients. Another musician, Eb spent three years in Hobart studying a Bachelor of Musical Arts at the UTAS Conservatorium before joining the UTAS Careers Department as a peer advisor. A creative consistently fuelled by the highest level of achievement, Eb has used their creative writing and inquisitive nature to develop content for our tradie, nursing, CEO, entry-level clients, and everything in between.

Forever in the pursuit of knowledge, they have recently completed a Diploma in Science with UNE and moved to Victoria to commence studies in medicine.

Now based in Geelong, Eb specialises in healthcare applications and rural/remote jobseekers.

They harness their unique blend of life experience and broad academic background to help their clients truly shine.

Eb has a deep and abiding passion for coffee.