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Brisbane boasts a whopping 3.5 million people (well, whopping for Australia anyway) in it's metropolitan area and a bustling music scene-- but it is also one of of Australia's busiest business hubs. 

Lots of opportunities = lots of competition.
We write resumes that get through.

We approach our resume, cover letter and selection criteria writing for our Brisbane clients with an understanding of the diverse range of talent that our clients are coming up against.

Our resume writers excel because we understand that in order to get your application noticed through the overwhelming applications, we need to tell the story quickly, and tell it well the first time.

We take the time to get the right information, pitch the right angle and ensure that your material will cut through.

You need to be able to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), you need to form a narrative that makes sense of your previous experience, your decisions need to reflect your industry.

This is what we do. This is why we win awards.

Whether Federal or QLD Gov - we nail selection criteria.

Did you know Queensland government:

Need a 1-3 page resume.

Need a 1 page cover letter addressed to the employer or contact person.

Need selection criteria, also known as core/key capabilities in succinct responses, with dot points as appropriate.

 AND: as a helpful bonus, information on how government applications are assessed internally is available here.

Expert advice before you start.

Unsure about what to do and whether you should spend the time on the application? We will tell you if it’s not worth it.

Get in contact with us and we can tell how you to strategize your approach, all before you even get started as a client.

Or use these questions we’ve developed to be certain

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