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Our executive resumes include:

How We Write Executive Resumes

You’re an executive working out their next move. You’re ambitious and want to know how to sell your expertise. You need more than just a resume. You need personal marketing expertise.

Senior executives face tough competition. Your audience is busier than most. So, you have very little time to sell your unique expertise. But doing so will position you as the strongest applicant.

In developing your resume, we understand your ambitious career goals. We will communicate your commercial value in an individualised format. We will present an objective, reflective representation in your self-marketing content.

You will work alongside our senior specialists in executive-level recruitment. Our specialists can help you to create a professional and successful resume. Or, we can take it to the next level and create an end-to-end personal brands across resumes, applications, and online profiles. For all products, you will also receive person-centred service by phone or face-to-face.

Our strength is turning your complex leadership journey, achievements, specialisations, and generalisations into a compelling, cohesive narrative.

Your resume is an important investment. However, key to your application (and far more important, in fact) are going to be your responses to the selection criteria.

Free Tips on Executive Resumes and Selection Criteria

Executive Selection Criteria

Our approach to selection criteria is systemic across the board, and the structure applies to all: Situation, Task, Approach and Result, best known as STAR.

Where the approach differs for executives is in the targeted stories fleshed out through our individualised consultation process.

The types of questions we ask will vary and align with the specific role, but we will use response to these types of questions to develop your responses:

  • What critical partnerships have you developed in your tenure, and how have you achieve this?
  • What was your most innovative program, and how have you managed organisational change?
  • What achievements have you been most proud of throughout your careers?
  • What is your approach to leadership, and how do you drive positive outcomes and a shared sense of purpose?
  • How have you pursued professional development to enhance your leadership capabilities?

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