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Melbourne boasts an enormous population of 4,353514, with ambitious plans for future growth. A tourist and migrant destination, Melbourne is full of opportunity-- and competition.

Large companies in Melbourne receive hundreds of resumes for advertised jobs. Most of these applications pass through something called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which scans the resume and generates a suitability profile on the other side. 

Images on your resume? Won’t pass! Definitely not an issue if you live in a sleepy country town. Massive issue for Melbournians.

We approach writing your resume, cover letters and selection criteria responses with a no-nonsense approach. You need to cut above other applicants with strong content, clear formatting and an appeal to the employer.

Our resume writing service has such a high success rate because our approach is focused on telling the story well, and getting it across as quickly as possible.

Focused on developing a strong narrative.

We write our resumes, cover letters and selection criteria to reflect your skills, experience and job goals.

How much fun are selection criteria responses for the Victorian Public Service (VPS).

Well, we love it.

Our tediously written, content-driven selection criteria and resume writing service is optimised to meet your state requirement.

Meets your state and public service requirements.

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