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Resume writing services for the Victorian private sector and VPS

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Large companies in Melbourne receive hundreds of resumes for advertised jobs. Most of these applications pass through something called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which scans the resume and generates a suitability profile on the other side. 

Definitely not an issue if you live in a sleepy country town. Massive issue for Melbournians.

We approach writing your resume, cover letters and selection criteria responses with a no-nonsense approach. You need to cut above other applicants with strong content, clear formatting and an appeal to the employer.

Our resume writing service works because we adopt a multi-faceted approach to the development of your resume and selection criteria content, encompassing ATS testing, peer-reviewing and development of content in consultation with, and approved by, you.

Selection criteria writing for the Victorian Public Service


We write brilliant selection criteria for our clients by placing the emphasis on our clients– we consider what they have done, what the best scenario is in the context of that role and what picture we are going to create.

The Victorian Public Service have conflicting advice for applicants. Detailed in the VPS How to Apply page, candidates are directed to limit their responses to 60-120 word responses. However, position descriptions regularly advise candidates to submit their application within a two page or word limited statement against the Victorian Public Service capability framework and values.

We ensure that the responses we negotiate in consultation with you meet the challenge of the role, speak to the right capability level and meet the specific requirements of the role.

No padding, no filling. Just targeted content.

Content oriented.

represent your best self.

How we write for different levels

It's why our applications do well

We use an in-depth understanding of the Victorian Public Service capability framework in our approach to applications. This is an important element to factor in your approach, because the examples you should select should reflect the level you are applying for.

We observe the STAR approach, or CAR as the underpinning structure of selection criteria.

But where we stand out from the crowd is in our total commitment to research. Your documents are accurate, researched and targeted, and we get to know your skill set before we get to the writing.

Leadership? We want to know about your commercial outcomes, continuous improvement initiatives, staff culture, budget management, and a whole other raft of capabilities.

Customer service? We want to know what defines your approach, how you manage priorities, how you turned an opportunity into a commercial outcome.

Our lowest benchmark is your success.

We develop a strong narrative.

Our resumes and selection criteria form a story. We make sense of all the different jobs you’ve had, and we develop a strategy within the resume to get your message across and then we deliver.

Not sure if a government or university application is going to be worth the time and effort?

Read our guide to find out what to do.

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