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There is a lot to providing excellent customer service. It’s not just about making the customer happy.

Read on to see how we nail our customer service applications.

Our resumes include:

How We Write Customer Service
Resumes and Cover Letters

Customer service resumes, cover letters and selection criteria ultimately come down to one focus: the customer. But it’s so much more than that.

Customer service resumes should emphasise:

  • Ability to meet and adhere to KPIs and targets
  • Ability to anticipate and identify customer expectations
  • Strong service/product knowledge to provide customers with relevant information
  • Ability to use CRM software (customer relationship management software)
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues
  • Conflict negotiation skills
  • Developed verbal communication skills

Customer service specialists are necessary to each industry, both in the private and public sectors. For the skills you’ve gained specifically to an industry, you also have a wealth of transferrable skills to offer across other industries– if you pitch them correctly.


Customer Service Selection Criteria

Our approach to selection criteria is consistent regardless of the industry, and is structured conventionally using Situation, Task, Approach and Result, best known as STAR.

Where we are effective in our selection criteria responses is in the approach we adopt to gathering the requirements from our clients and the questions we ask.

These could be:

  • What was your best customer service ‘feel-good’ story?
  • What are your philosophies towards customer service
  • What was your most challenging interaction?
  • How do you proactively support business objectives in your approach?
  • How do you go over and above?
  • What systems do you use, and what is your track record of KPI’s?

It can be easy to feel boxed-in to your industry as a customer service professional.

But the reality could not be further from the truth. The most important skills required from staff are brilliant service skills. After all, all businesses rely on revenue either from customers and other businesses.

Pitch the transferable skills from your experience and there will be little holding you back.

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