The Process

How does it work? 

What can you expect? Find out here.

How does it work?

We write so you don’t have to. We don’t send you lengthy forms to fill in– we do this information gathering entirely verbally in our one hour information gathering process.

Use the quote form to enter your details and upload your information.

Simply fill in the form and we will get back to you within 2 hours. Alternatively, give us a call and we can provide a quote over the phone. Most of the time, we will need to see some documents from you to confirm the quote.

We send you some freebies.

We send you our 25 page Get Job Ready guide which has a bunch of tools, resources, and current pertinent information on the job market and current trends.

If you decide to proceed and book the one hour call, we send you our information gathering resource, and direct you to our bespoke quiz.

We need a one hour consultation with you.

This is part of the service. We get you to schedule a Teams, phone, or face to face appointment with a consultant. During this time we ask you the information we need– we don’t send you forms to fill in.

It is important that you book this call if you wish to proceed. We can rarely work without it.

While it is possible to operate entirely online, it is not wise. People ask us for help because they generally cannot write about themselves well; asking you questions via email does not give us the dialogue we need to come at questions from a different angle if we don’t get the kind of response we want the first time. 

It’s also great interview training for you.

Gathering the right information.

We’ll ask for as much information as you can provide. But don’t stress if you can’t provide anything as yet; we can work around that.

For resumes, we would like:

  • Your old resume (if applicable)
  • Your current phone, email and address
  • Your latest work history with dates, location and role

 For cover letters we would like:

  • Your existing cover letter (if applicable)
  • Your resume (if applicable)
  • The position description for the job (if applicable)

For selection criteria we need:

  • Your resume (if applicable)
  • Your cover letter (if applicable)
  • The position description OR the selection criteria questions
  • Your existing answers (if applicable)

We will ask you any other questions we need to complete the application.

If you’re still unsure and would like a quote, head here.


We take payment through bank transfer or credit card via an invoice we send you after our information gathering call.

We receive instant notification of payment, enabling us to get to work straight away.

2-5 business days from date of payment.

This is our regular turnaround time. 24 and 48 hour turnaround is available for additional fees.

We send our documents to you via email.

You’ll receive your editable drafts in Word and PDF formats via email.

We also send you a 20 page comprehensive guide Managing Your Documents and Your Next Career Steps which details why we make the decisions we do, how to edit, update your documents, and critical information for managing a digital job hunt (as well as a whole bunch more information.)

14 day unlimited revisions on drafts.

You have 10 business days to let us know what needs changing once you receive the drafts.

Let us know when you land the job.

This is our favourite part of the whole process. Stay in touch with us during your job hunt, we want to know how you go.

How it works

Fill in the form below

We get back to you within 2 business hours

Receive the Get Job Ready guide and our Information Gathering Session guide

Book and have your Information Gathering Session via Teams, phone, or face-to-face

Complete our bespoke quiz

Pay the invoice emailed to you

Work is drafted, then put through a final copyedit

Drafts emailed to you on time (expedited turnaround available). Optional 30 minute draft review call bookable

14 day editing period uncapped at revisions, and 21 page guide, Managing Your Next Steps is emailed

Get our 25 page Get Job Ready guide when you submit the quote form

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