Accountant and Financial Services Resumes and Selection Criteria

Accountants all over Australia are having a really difficult time gaining work.

More than ever, it is crucial to get your resume and application material noticed above the rest.

Our resumes include:

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How We Write Accountant and Financial Services Application Material.

Accountant’s resumes exist within their own realm. It is absolutely fundamental to outline your understanding of Australian tax law, your qualifications, your professional memberships (hint: CPA!), the experience you have in financial software and your ability to identify and remedy process improvements.

To put together an effective resume that encompasses your skill set within a document that can be easily scanned for the relevant information, we will ask you targeted questions designed to glean the maximum amount of relevant info we can.

At the core of accounting and financial services is the ability to deliver excellent client service. Accounting resumes should place emphasis on your ability to work with clients, to deliver client centered service and to assist clients with your technical knowledge. 

Can you translate technical requirements in terms the client can understand if they have a limited understanding of legislation and their obligations? Great skill to have– pop it in there.

How it works

Get in contact, or fill out the quote form.

Get in touch and let us know what you need. We do all our quotes on an individual basis to ensure you get the right bang for your buck.

Let's have a chat.

We book in a time over the phone to go over the details of your requirements and gather any further information.

We get to work.

In the writing stage we will ask you any questions we need as we go either through email or over the phone.

2-5 business days.

It’s a creative process– we can take our time if we feel it will benefit the application. 

We send our documents to you via email.

You’ll receive your drafts in Word and PDF formats with a comprehensive justification of our approach where needed.

14 day unlimited revisions on drafts.

Let us know what needs changing once you receive the drafts.

Let us know when you land the job.

This is our favourite part of the whole process. Stay in touch with us during your job hunt, we want to know how you go.

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