LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

Through our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service, we can create a complete, user-friendly, and highly ranked LinkedIn page. We apply critical online copy writing and search engine optimisation principles to your profile.

Why LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional network online, and an opportunity to connect with professionals and leaders in your local area or industry.

It is also used by employers and recruitment agencies as a search engine for talent acquisition. When they search for candidates with those skills, you want to be appearing on the list of profiles they find.

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service can help you: 

Who our LinkedIn Writing Service is for

Optomised LinkedIn profiles offer the most value for people who are:

Who it is not for

We don’t want to sell you things you don’t need. And the truth is, in Australia, LinkedIn isn’t necessary for everyone. In particular, you might not need to pay for a LinkedIn if you are:

How We Write Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Writing is all about search engine optimisation and online content principles. Online content is read very differently than printed documents. 

Before you take your first steps down the LinkedIn path, you should consider what you want to achieve from it.

Do you want to:

  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise in a field?
  • Have a profile simply so something comes up when you are searched for online?
  • Gain followers and build connections?
  • Be approached by recruiters?

It’s important to us, and it should be to you as well, to consider what kind of value you want your profile to have.

Some of the principles we abide by in the construction of our content are:

  • Search engine optimisation, and getting you to the top of Google and to the top of LinkedIn’s back end searches
  • Ensuring all content complies with LinkedIn’s strict content preferences, processes, and limits
  • Facilitating an easy user experience, reducing the amount of clicks users need to find your information 
  • Content hierarchy, ensuring that the best of your skills is demonstrable at first glance

We work closely off our industry research and knowledge, as well as the information we gather through our consultation process. This allows us to align your profile with industry standards and expectations, and demonstrate your fit in the industry.  


Or you can find out more about LinkedIn through our advice pages.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

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