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We love our FIFO, mining and WA Gov clients.
We write resumes and selection criteria that will blow your competition out of the water.

Despite what they might say about the mining and minerals industry decline, Perth is still absolutely popping, and workers are still flocking.

Because of this, there are so many resumes put in for each job.

We write resumes for the Perth market with an understanding that important content needs to get seen fast. We need you to cut through your competition quickly, and we use a systemic and highly researched approached to achieve it.

Go for gold - go for WA Gov and win the job.

If you’re applying for WA Government, you need to submit your resume and selection criteria responses. 

You won’t always need to submit a cover letter.

Ordinarily, your application will need to be in at 4PM WST. Your selection criteria responses should be brief. There is no word limit ordinarily, though for each government department there can be unique application requirements and it is worth assessing these well prior to getting underway with your selection criteria responses.

Be sure to use STAR: Situation, Task, Approach, Result. This formulaic approach is fundamental to being able to demonstrate, and eliminates unnecessary padding.

Our resume writing service is premiere because it’s custom tailored towards your individual requirements and preferences, in line with the requirements of the position you are applying for.

Our selection criteria tells a story.

Meets current trends, industry requirements and WA Government application guidelines.

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