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If your resume does not effectively communicate your unique value, it does not communicate your achievements, it does not best leverage the first page of your application and it does not control the narrative, then you don’t have the best resume.

Employers spend less than 10 seconds considering your application. We produce resumes which are industry specific, contemporary, targeted and written wholly in consultation with you.

Despite what they might say about the mining and minerals industry decline, Perth is still absolutely popping, and workers are still flocking.

Because of this, there are many resumes submitted for each job.

We write resumes for the Perth market with an understanding that important content needs to get seen fast. We need you to cut through your competition quickly, and we use a systemic and highly researched approached to achieve it.

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Selection criteria writing for Western Australia Government


If you’re applying for WA Government, you need to submit your resume and selection criteria responses. 

You won’t always need to submit a cover letter.

Ordinarily, your application will need to be in at 4PM WST. Your selection criteria responses should be brief. Whilst word limited responses are fewer than page limited responses, the same challenge remains for all applicants — how to effectively communicate capability. This is compounded by differing  departmental application requirements.

Prior to embarking on writing the application, determining whether there are specific department application requirements is a sound investment of time. We know this, because we do this. 

We also observe the WA Government Capability framework in our response planning. You can read more on that here.

We observe STAR: Situation, Task, Approach, Result. This formulaic approach is fundamental to being able to demonstrate, and eliminates unnecessary padding.

Content oriented.

strategic content. no hyperbole.

How we write for different levels

It's why our applications do well

We use an expert understanding of the Western Australia Government capability framework in our approach to applications. This is an important element to factor in your approach, because the examples you should select should reflect the level you are applying for.

We adopt the STAR approach to responses as is best practice.

But where we stand out from the crowd is in our total commitment to research. Your documents are accurate, researched and targeted, and we get to know your skill set before we get to the writing.

Leadership? We want to know about your commercial outcomes, continuous improvement initiatives, staff culture, budget management, and a whole other raft of capabilities.

Customer service? We want to know what defines your approach, how you manage priorities, how you turned an opportunity into a commercial outcome.

Our lowest benchmark is your success.

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