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Adelaide Church

Adelaide boasts a population of 1.2M people, a thriving arts community and a very high unemployment rate at 6%.

Adelaide is a beautiful place to live, however, it can be an isolating place in which to transition or enter the job market.

There are fantastic innovations paving the way for a cleaner and safer world championed by world leaders based out of Adelaide. Whilst the unemployment level is unusually high, the level of innovation will bolster the employment sector over time.

Our resume, cover letter and selection criteria writing service serves to pitch you as the ideal candidate.

Where common sense meets innovation.

No fluff, no waffle and definitely no over-exaggerations. We write our resumes and selection criteria based on your experience in line with our up-to-date understanding.

South Australian government roles are notoriously difficult, and differ from other states in that there can be a great deal of variation in the page length and structure.

We research the selection criteria requirements in depth, our resumes maintain modernity and our writers are very, very good at what they do.

We get better wages for our clients with a $15K increase on average.

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