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Have a dedicated copywriter with experience in government tender writing work with you to develop your content.

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For most businesses, it is neither feasible nor efficient to spend the upwards of 20 hours completing the tender yourself, or delegating it to an untrained staff member.

why most tenders fail

One word: objectivity. In the same way that writing your own resume is difficult, writing a tender that fully realises the achievements of your business is tricky.

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Highly structured, detailed and developed content by writers with a firm grasp of government requirements.


Our tenders are categorised on the basis of the business size and either specified or estimated page-length.

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Frequently asked questions

Get in touch so that we can provide a quote. Provide us with a link or a hard copy of your tender document and your required time frame.

We employ a refined system for acquiring the right information. After you agree to proceed with the quote, we establish what information and documents we require from you to put together the tender. The process takes time, and we can’t do it without you.

We dictate your responses, saving you the writing time. It’s a collaborative project, and in the early stages you will need to set aside time to answer the questions we have. The questions we have will be organised before our consultation, so it’s only a matter of responding to these questions.

That would be unrealistic! We are not in charge of assessing the tenders, nor are we aware of what other submissions will contain and whether their experience to draw from will simple be stronger than yours. What we can guarantee however, is the absolute best run at the tender possible.