Are resumes now a thing of the past?

Are resumes now a thing of the past?

How far away could it be?

Jacquie Liversidge

By Jacquie Liversidge

Last year I was mulling over the prospect of a workforce without resumes, the benefits, the reality and a time in the future where we might not have them at all.

Frankly, in the digital age, it can and probably should be streamlined.

Rather than recruiters and small business owners poring over each individual resume and making a decision based on the information that each candidate has included in their own resume, requesting an online form in place of a resume which requests certain information would no doubt save businesses a lot of time.

Time consuming for the user for each input, but in reality, it already is very time consuming.

I see very little downside to this approach.

Recently, in preparing an application for state government I previewed the online application form, and I spotted it:

“This application does not require a resume. Please fill in the employment form

Change is hard, but there is absolutely no doubt in mind that streamlining the repetitive components of applications are a positive step in the right direction for everyone.

The benefits of having candidates submit resumes for a vacant position are still valid, and particularly for small businesses whom have no need for expensive, customised recruitment software, resumes will remain the norm for some time.

Resumes are still useful for gaining a quick overview, but aren’t totally useful for employers in assessing information that might not be what they are looking for.

So, what do you think? Is a world without resumes the way of the future?

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