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Get the reader, keep the reader, reward the reader for their click.
We focus on behaviour flow in our approach to our content

Keyword optimised

We work out where your opportunities best lie in gaining and sustaining and ranking, seeking to position you as the subject-matter expert on google


We take the reader on a journey with us. Enjoy increased dwell time, lower bounce-rates and greater engagement with your brand and services.

why seo is so important

Why do you need SEO copwriting?

SEO copywriting is a targeted form of writing specifically for the web that involves:

  • Developing content that is optimised to appear in google for desired keywords
  • Content that engages your readers, all the way from the page title, meta description, down to anticipated behaviour flow through the page
  • Reinforces your website to search engines as a reputable source of information, therefore gaining a higher rank
  • Driving relevant, qualified users to your site 
Google has maintained 86 percent of the global search engine market as of July 2018, and their share is only growing. 
Paying close attention to the trends and algorithmic changes has been fundamental in our success as positioning ourselves as Australia’s leading resume writing group.


What SEO copywriting fundamentally comes down to, is good, quality copywriting.

As Google has overtime diminished the authority of keyword stuffed domain names and content, and handed the rankings over to websites that performed well with users, we don’t write for robots: we write for humans.


To engage your readers and funnel your audience effectively to where they need to go, your page needs to appear modern, have highly structured and informative content which positions you not only as a subject-matter expert, but offers the readers quality information in return for their click.

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You need to appeal to the reader to appeal to Google

So what is it that your readers are looking for in your industry? Is it information on how to select a providers, self-help, or something entertaining?

Once you attract a reader, you have to keep them.

If a reader lands on a page that is not highly targeted towards their interests (hint: those pop-up ads we hate) then the reader will “bounce” from the page therefore reducing your little-known dwell time and indicating to google that your content is uninteresting or not relevant to the users search term to keep the reader on the page. 

In that case, your rankings for those search terms will either drop dramatically, or you will not appear at all


We might be a good fit if:

  • If you want to start appearing on search engines
  • You want to position your website as a subject-matter authority
  • Your pages simply aren’t appearing in Google
  • Your measurable conversions are low
  • You want optimized, incredible content to claim as your own


Don’t let the world wide web confuse you with tips about listing your business on local directories or commenting on blog posts to boost your backlinks: all SEO is, is just brilliant content. 

So how do know how an SEO copywriter is good at what they do?

Easy. Find them on Google.

Just like how you found us.

We charge:

seo copywriting

10 hours or less
$ 80AU Per hour

seo copywriting

10+ hours
$ 75AU Per Hour