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We offer state government selection criteria writing which positions you as the best candidate.

We have a strong working knowledge of all state government capability frameworks. talk to us about your resume, selection criteria, cover letters, LinkedIn, and interview preparation. 

Our key selection criteria responses include:

How We Write Your Selection Criteria

Writing selection criteria is all about adopting a systemic approach to the information gathering stage, accurately judging and selecting the best examples and then fleshing out structured responses which address each component of the question.

Over time we are seeing more selection criteria with requirements such as:

  • 1 page statement of claims
  • 1000 word statement of claims
  • Address the major duties
  • One page pitch

These are less straight forward, but the principle is the same. Develop the responses well, demonstrate your capabilities, avoid padding and emphasise your approach and actions above all else.

Working closely off the position description and within the application requirements, we develop strategic questions for you to answer either over the phone or through email (dependent on your strengths and preferences), which we use to develop the STAR, CAR or SOAR responses from.

The process of asking these questions acts as interview training and will prepare you for that specific role. We are asking you the questions that the hiring manager or HR will be asking.

For complex selection criteria responses we research your industry, the company/organisation you are applying to, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the responses required.

We know all the state government frameworks.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Tasmania or the Australian Capital Territory. 

We are the authority on selection criteria.

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Case studies


Jessica had previously worked as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) before undertaking her Bachelor in Nursing. Applying for graduate roles nation wide, the selection criteria questions generally pertained to interpersonal skills, continuous improvement initiatives, hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), patient-centred care, communication and collaboration within the multi-disciplinary environment. We worked with her to gather examples from her EN experience where she had assisted senior members in the clinical environment, adapted her approach to provide the best care to her patient and identified improvements and hazards to the workplace. We included the Nursing and Midwifery Board legislation, Privacy Act 1988 and focused on brevity of responses.
Jess now works in Perth as a Graduate Nurse.
Graduate Nurse

Executive Level

Adam was a property development and relationship manager with a private enterprise that frequently worked alongside government. He possessed extensive achievements and consistent professional membership involvement. He was applying for a challenging Band 8 state government role in public property management. To develop the selection criteria we went over the major duties, discussed major infrastructure projects that he had delivered and we developed each response with the approach and result clearly outlined, including industry terminology. We focused on experiences that could clearly develop innovation aligning his experiences with the proposed challenges of the role. Congrats on the role Adam!
Property and Relationship Manager


Shoan is an accounting professional, facing increasingly tough competition to gain a role. He had his CPA, Masters of Professional Accounting and had completed a professional year. Applying as a Finance Officer with the state service, we focused on examples that were client-centric, demonstrated a sound approach to challenges and could demonstrate an ethical approach. Fundamental to success within the state government is the ability to communicate and adapt communication contextually, to which we carefully selected a time he had worked with a major stakeholder through a challenge in which he had to negotiate. All the best with the new job Shoan.