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master resume

What is a Master Resume?

05 Feb 2021

Want to know what's missing from your executive CV?

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resignation letter

Your Executive Resume’s Key Element

26 Oct 2020

Want to know what's missing from your executive CV?

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ikigai and your career

Applying Ikigai To Your Career

26 Oct 2020

Applying Ikigai To Your Career Strike the perfect balance. By Sophie Whitfield Ikigai as a concept Applying Ikigai to your life What do you love? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? What does the world need? Revitalise your career Making that change How many times in the morning have you […]

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turning government recruitment on its head

Turning Government Recruitment On Its Head

19 Oct 2020

Turning Government Recruitment On It’s Head Government recruiters have got it backwards and here’s why By Joel Smith In the federal government you can’t escape risk management. It’s built into everything you do – or, it’s supposed to be. The commonwealth’s framework  –  RMG211 for those in the know –  is a mandatory framework that […]

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how to interview well

How to Interview Well

14 Oct 2020

How to Interview Well Executive, manager, graduate. It’s all about value offered. Nail the interview by changing your mindset. By Jacquie Liversidge Find in this article: What is means to interview well What an interview truly is (hint: partnership) The employer perspective Your perspective Change your perspective A good interview response A bad interview response […]

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your foreign sounding name

Your Foreign Sounding Name

12 Jun 2020

Your foreign sounding name And how it affects your job hunt. By Jacquie Liversidge Your resume is fantastic. You have made all the right decisions. Perhaps you have engaged us and we have sent you into the job market with the best material we can produce to win jobs. Your work experience is from overseas, […]

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Discrimination in hiring practice

Discrimination in Hiring Practices

27 May 2020

Discrimination in Hiring Practices The Religious Discrimination Bill 2019. It’s not law, and it’s hurting you already. By Jacquie Liversidge It’s finally happened. I’ve been waiting to see the ways in which the Religious Discrimination Bill will affect potential candidates. Not yet enshrined in law, it has not yet passed through both Houses of the […]

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applyinf for australian state government jobs

Applying for Australian Government Jobs – State by State

22 May 2020

Applying for Australian state government jobs Tas Gov, VPS, NSW Gov, WA Gov, ACT Gov, QLD Gov, SA Gov and how they differ. By Jacquie Liversidge Applying for Australian Government Jobs – State by State In this article, we’ll detail the requirements for each state. Read ahead to your state with the links below if […]

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change fatigue

Change Fatigue and COVID-19

18 May 2020

Change fatigue and COVID-19 Why you’re sick of the news. By Jacquie Liversidge You’ve stopped watching the news. But to begin with, you were really invested in the federal government updates. And then you weren’t. You’ve stopped checking the coronavirus numbers. You have no idea what you can actually do with today’s restrictions, and you […]

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coronavirus COVID

The Coronavirus and your Confidence

11 Apr 2020

Coronavirus and your confidence In a world where wages equal worth. COVID JOBS By Jacquie Liversidge From a government mandated distance, I just spoke to the woman serving me at the grocery store who explained that she was new to the role at Coles. Congratulations, I said, with real enthusiasm. She explained that she had […]

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Engaging your audience

Failing at Engaging Your Audience

26 Oct 2019

Failing at engagement Reunions, networking, relationships. We’ve all been there. Here’s how to avoid it. By Jacquie Liversidge I sit here in this moment reflecting on the overwhelming failure of a 10 year reunion to engage its audience.  An audience who all have something in common. In terms of audience engagement for an event, this […]

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Demonstrating your worth: Selling yourself in your resume

17 Oct 2019

How to sell yourself in your resume By demonstrating your worth. By Jacquie Liversidge How to really sell yourself in your resume Getting a job is just about putting together a resume that just sells yourself, right? Skills and all that? Not quite. Absolutely fundamental to getting work anywhere is demonstrating your worth to the […]

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How To Get a Job – 5 things you can do to stand out

19 Aug 2019

How to get a job 5 steps that will help you every time. By Jacquie Liversidge How to get a job in 5 steps (even if your application wasn’t very good) For after, or during the submission of your application. Find out how to write your resume and cover letter in these links. What you’ll […]

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Selection Criteria is disappearing

Selection criteria is disappearing. Is STAR dead?

24 May 2019

Selection Criteria is Disappearing Is STAR (Situation, Task, Approach, Result) dead? And what does that mean for applications now? By Jacquie Liversidge Is selection criteria, and STAR, dead? Over the course of time, selection criteria has changed a great deal. Originally, selection criteria was only used for government and university roles, and generally used to […]

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Questions to ask before an interview

11 Apr 2019

Questions to ask before the interview It’s not the responses you get. It’s all about the questions you ask. By Jacquie Liversidge As I’ve written about before, the digital age has ushered in a time of job application havoc– employers face completely irrelevant and generic applications submitted through the likes of SEEK, Indeed and LinkedIn, […]

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Employment services vs recruitment agencies

Employment Services VS Recruitment Agencies

20 Mar 2019

By Jacquie Liversidge Employment Services VS Recruitment Agencies For newcomers to the country, or just newcomers to using a third-party for getting work, navigating which provider to use, what they offer and who they service can be difficult. There is a number of important differences between employment services and recruitment agencies in Australia. Firstly, employment […]

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Why SEEK sucks

12 Mar 2019

Why SEEK kind of sucks And it’s the preferred job board for professional roles. By Jacquie Liversidge Most of us have never had to upload a job to SEEK, so most of us get to avoid the frustration that is one of the preferred online job board for employers. SEEK is a little bit narrow […]

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Blow to confidence

RESUMES: Dealing with a blow to your confidence

22 Feb 2019

Dealing with a blow to your confidence. We’ve all been there. By Jacquie Liversidge Aside from all of the other external factors that applicantsfor roles can be affected by, the biggest factor, one which may or may not relate to external factors, is your confidence in applying for roles. Your level of confidence completely dictates […]

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Things your LinkedIn writer should consider

23 Jan 2019

Things your LinkedIn writer should consider And stay away if they don’t. By Jacquie Liversidge Getting your LinkedIn worked on is a bit of a different process to getting your resume worked on. Why the approach is different: Audience:  Your LinkedIn is likely public, and accessible to anyone at any time. So unlike your resume, […]

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when you don't know what to say in your resume

When You Don’t Know What to Put in your Resume

16 Jan 2019

When you don’t know what to put in your resume. We’ve all been there. By Jacquie Liversidge At some point, every single person that has put together a resume has been faced with the same internal question: What Do I Even Say? When you’re staring at the barrel of an empty experience section, some really […]

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2 page government cover letter

2-page Cover Letter Addressing the Statement of Duties

12 Jan 2019

How to write a 2-page cover letter that addresses government requirements The point is to get the point. By Jacquie Liversidge How to write a 2-page cover letter that addresses government requirements More and more, there are content length limitations placed on selection criteria responses.  This is due to enormous selection criteria responses being submitted […]

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Is LinkedIn any good for getting a job?

05 Jan 2019

Is LinkedIn any good for getting a job? That thing that we all hate– it might actually be a good thing. By Jacquie Liversidge Short answer—it depends. Long and winding answer—yes; all opportunities to bolster your online appearance in the inevitable google search by your prospective employer are very welcome indeed. What LinkedIn offers: Most […]

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Is Hiring a Resume Writer Cheating?

03 Jan 2019

Is hiring a resume writer cheating? Won’t the employer notice, or be unhappy? By Jacquie Liversidge Oh, heavens—no. Most politicians have their books ghost-written by copywriters. Most businesses pay marketing professionals to get their products sold. … Think that PM Scott Morrison writes his own speeches? (He doesn’t. Also, someone please fire his speech writer.) […]

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pile of question marks

Why your career doesn’t matter unless…

01 Jan 2019

Why your career doesn’t matter unless… By Jacquie Liversidge A nihilistic line to open today’s article up on, but, it’s not all bad news. Whether you are an astronaut, an accountant, a customer service representative, an ICT specialist, a long-term volunteer, a mother, a teacher—you all have something in common: Absolutely nothing you have done […]

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resume builder on computer

Using an online resume generator

28 Dec 2018

Using an online resume generator The good, the bad and the ugly. We tried it so you don’t have to. By Jacquie Liversidge There are now hundreds of websites that offer free or cheap visually stunning resume builders and templates which promise to make your resume stand out from the crowd. We went through an […]

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bad good choice

How to Choose a Resume Writer

15 Dec 2018

Choosing a resume writer. What to look for, what makes a good writer, and getting your money’s worth. By Jacquie Liversidge And just like that, BOOM: the internet is jam packed full of resume writers. As resume writers ourselves, we are regularly repairing resumes for our clients who have gone through Airtasker, Fiverr and through […]

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The Number One Question to Ask: Getting into the Public Service

23 Nov 2018

Want to know whether you should waste your time on selection criteria for a Government role, or spend your time on a role you can actually get?

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letters spell out plan

How to Write Selection Criteria – Everything you need to know

31 Oct 2018

Everything you need to know about structuring, formatting, presenting and writing expert selection criteria for government, university and other organisations, featuring examples and resources.

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burnt up old resume

Are resumes now a thing of the past?

30 Aug 2018

A workforce without resumes. It's happening now.

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man contemplating resume or cv

CV and Resume: What’s the difference?

27 Aug 2018

The age old question-- what's the difference between a CV and a resume?

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women who has too many skills for resume

Resumes for when you’re good at everything

12 Aug 2018

Having trouble making sense of all those different skills from your varied career? We're here to save the day!

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How to beat the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

12 Apr 2018

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for short, is a software that parses the text from your profile, generating an automated suitability profile for the recruiter

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Cover letter and resume: How are they different?

10 Mar 2018

Cover letter and resume: How are they different? It seems straight forward, right? By Jacquie Liversidge Aside from the obvious fact that a covering letter addresses the employer and the resume presents an overview, a key difference that people tend to miss in their approach to cover letters and resumes is a difference that has […]

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What sections should you have on a resume?

12 Dec 2017

Choosing the right sections to add to your resume is not as straight forward as it may appear at first glance. Get your message across to employers by including sections specific to your industry by using this approach.

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turtle moving slowly

Resume writers are behind the times

28 Nov 2017

The resume writing industry is on the move... Or at least it should be.

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headless business person

Transitioning careers: A How To

13 Nov 2017

Transitioning careers can be enormously difficult. At some point in all of our lives, we have wondered whether the career we are in is what we want.

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desk ready to write cover letter

How do you write a cover letter?

07 Nov 2017

Find out how to structure a cover letter like the pros do.

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Man writes using active language

What is active and passive language in selection criteria?

31 Oct 2017

What is passive and active language? And how do you use it in selection criteria responses?

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letters spell out application

How to use STAR in selection criteria

23 Oct 2017

How to write selection criteria using the STAR approach.

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man holding skills bubbles

What skills should go in a resume?

17 Oct 2017

Make sure you include these skills on your resume.

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Where to start: How to write a resume

10 Oct 2017

The do's and don'ts of developing a stand out resume by experienced career professionals.

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person looks up resume writers

Undecided? 7 reasons why you should choose a resume writer

03 Oct 2017

It seems like a weird thing, right? How can a resume writer do a better job of a resume than yourself? And you've had so much luck so far with your own resume, what would be the point? Here's 7 reasons why you should employ a resume writer.

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Help! How to apply for the Australian Public Service

16 Jun 2017

A quick how to: Applying for the Australian Public Service, and what part selection criteria plays.

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team looks at resume

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

05 May 2017

An Applicant Tracking System is a software application that handles recruitment needs and performs electronic screening of resumes and application material. An article every job hunter needs to read today!

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