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how to write a resume in 2022

How to Write a Resume in 2022

How to write a resume in 2022 And why. By Jacquie Liversidge Each year, the focus becomes more and more on brevity in both written applications and resumes. Watch as requirements slide down from a covering letter to a 600 pitch statement, from 2 page statements for most government roles to one page or less, and requirements for resumes to be vaguely ‘concise’. Writing resumes for 2022 and your success in writing them is going to hinge on your ability to meet the…


Job Hunting in Omicron

Job hunting during Omicron By Callie Buchwald In the last month, COVID-19’s omicron strain has swept across Australia, having an extraordinarily destabilising effect. After the first two quarters of the 2021/2022 Financial Year saw an increase in job vacancies, the job economy is now predicted to continue a downward trend over the next six weeks. Confusion about job availability and stress regarding employment stability only adds to the overall atmosphere of uncertainty and fear. There is nothing worse for an economy than ambiguity.…


Semantics of Management versus Leadership

Cutting through the corporate jargon: Management versus Leadership By Callie Buchwald Table of Contents The Problem with Corporate Jargon Understanding and using corporate jargon in our professional lives can be difficult. We are bombarded with similar expressions, repeated with slight variations, or substituted for synonyms. Often the differences between corporate jargon are semantic. It's normal to find them confusing. Human Resources and our employers might encourage us to think outside the box, to utilise best practice, or to represent corporate values. ‘Management’ and…


The Job Market for 2022

The Job Market for 2022 Follow the trends. By Jacquie Liversidge Get a quote from us In 2020, we watched as new clients joined our ranks the like of which we would not have seen otherwise. Qantas leaders with 20+ years’ experience. Pilots. Self-employed publicans and resort managers. Trades. We watched as chefs and front of house personnel fled the industry, we helped nurses move from hospitals to COVID-centres and we worked with clients to get transitionary roles with the Australian Taxation Office,…


Creating a Career Plan

Creating a career plan Why now is the perfect time to develop a plan! By Sophie Whitfield Having a career plan is something we all aspire to have, but maybe not necessarily know how to do or have the time to do. Throughout our schooling lives we are constantly asked what we want to do as a career, and we are expected to have an answer. But what if we don’t? I didn’t – I still remember the confused faces every time I…


Applying Ikigai To Your Career

Applying Ikigai To Your Career Strike the perfect balance. By Sophie Whitfield Ikigai as a conceptApplying Ikigai to your lifeWhat do you love?What are you good at?What can you be paid for?What does the world need?Revitalise your careerMaking that changeHow many times in the morning have you hit the snooze button when your alarm goes off?Surely, we are all guilty of it – right? But what is the reason?Are you not passionate or motivated to do your current job?Do you dread going to…


Change Fatigue and COVID-19

Change fatigue and COVID-19 Why you're sick of the news. By Jacquie Liversidge You’ve stopped watching the news. But to begin with, you were really invested in the federal government updates. And then you weren’t. You’ve stopped checking the coronavirus numbers. You have no idea what you can actually do with today’s restrictions, and you might not care. There’s plenty to do around the house, and it’s going to be left undone. You haven’t done anything for weeks and you need a holiday…

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coronavirus COVID

The Coronavirus and your Confidence

Coronavirus and your confidence In a world where wages equal worth. COVID JOBS By Jacquie Liversidge From a government mandated distance, I just spoke to the woman serving me at the grocery store who explained that she was new to the role at Coles. Congratulations, I said, with real enthusiasm. She explained that she had been looking for a job for months. She got a job in our regional municipality. A job selected for praise by our highest ministers in the last week.How…


Failing at Engaging Your Audience

Failing at engagement Reunions, networking, relationships. We've all been there.Here's how to avoid it. By Jacquie Liversidge I sit here in this moment reflecting on the overwhelming failure of a 10 year reunion to engage its audience. An audience who all have something in common. In terms of audience engagement for an event, this event should be reasonably straight forward on the surface level to unify its attendees.Who out there dreads networking events? Hands up. My hand is up so far I am typing…


Demonstrating your worth: Selling yourself in your resume

How to sell yourself in your resume By demonstrating your worth. By Jacquie Liversidge How to really sell yourself in your resume Getting a job is just about putting together a resume that just sells yourself, right? Skills and all that? Not quite. Absolutely fundamental to getting work anywhere is demonstrating your worth to the organisation. Let’s break that down. The business you are applying to is likely just that—a business. Unless it’s a government tribunal or administrative service, the place you are…

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