CV and Resume: What’s the difference?

CV and Resume: What’s the difference?

Well, for Australia anyway.

Jacquie Liversidge

By Jacquie Liversidge

Often on job applications you will see that employers are asking for a copy of your CV or your resume.

A resume refers to a shorter document that gives a brief overview of your experience. A resume might not include sections such as a skills section, your education or your achievements.

A CV has been historically employed by academic applicants and refers to a longer document which outlines your education, achievements, publications, certifications, etc.

Over time the distinction between the two has become increasingly blurred. In Australia, the terms are used fairly interchangeably and a job position might ask for a resume OR a CV, which for Australia anyway, are the same thing.

Job competition, digital applications which have increased the number of applications per job and text-parsing software (ATS) mean that the traditional looking resume of five years ago, which might have included sections for Experience, Achievements and References, is quite expanded today.

So, don’t worry if your resume doesn’t look like a CV.

Or if your CV doesn’t look like a resume.

Because, it doesn’t actually matter!