Is Hiring a Resume Writer Cheating?

Is hiring a resume writer cheating? Won't the employer notice, or be unhappy? By Jacquie Liversidge Oh, heavens—no.Most politicians have their books ghost-written by copywriters.Most businesses pay marketing professionals to get their products sold.… Think that PM Scott Morrison writes his own speeches? (He doesn’t. Also, someone please fire his speech writer.)When a business makes a decision to hire you on the basis of a resume that has been professionally worked on, they’re also hiring an important decision you have made: you have…


How to Choose a Resume Writer

Choosing a resume writer. What to look for, what makes a good writer, and getting your money's worth. By Jacquie Liversidge And just like that, BOOM: the internet is jam packed full of resume writers.As resume writers ourselves, we are regularly repairing resumes for our clients who have gone through Airtasker, Fiverr and through cheap online providers.Resume writing has become a massive industry for a couple of important reasons:Most resume writers work from home, so do not need to have an office spaceThere…


What sections should you have on a resume?

Choosing the right sections to add to your resume is not as straight forward as it may appear at first glance. Get your message across to employers by including sections specific to your industry by using this approach.

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